a poem for today

Lightening Proof

Less then when she was watching, it moved
even across found bits of flame, it ignites reconciliation, or, a
season when lost things find you.
Lashes across incoherence, dream says then as a what
in the middle of capturing how many narratives
eventuate, here, like a sort of model.

Scarce times are there & then you blink, interdigitate
cables for passing the images on in sideways definition,
asking even: how many times we shiver.
Leaping out of the way in a city is
an amount famous for blood rent rebate acrimony.
Pensive at the place filled with telescopes.
Indifferent alleys watching a new haul of burnt letters.
Not that this has anything to do with silences.
OK, the leaves and buildings have turned. Start.

[by Mark Prejsnar]

Leslie Scalapino was born on July 25, 1947

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