Oh You Did.

I took a picture she must be cheaper
with sand and tooth and nail.
I vacuumed since she lost them. Dustin.
A gallon or more at the pump sent the wind.

She must be. In the scene, under the bay, pre-pay.
She must be.

Born in Hawaii. Where it lasts longer.
Did you see that not very old software. Uuum. No.
She's got spirits yes she do. Fumes to run on. Hard driving.
Same all season laymen terms. Enter your pin. Age is just a number.

She's not, that's for sure. You used tah whistle happy birthday.
Do you, if i send me,totally this is all,really?
Two thousand ate the net caster. That was my,well i will say.
Align straightment's sally forth,but that only when they.
Justify. Her parents lived in Florida on Sundee.
Dang. The sun come up. The air conditioners on. The tailgate is down.

So sumbody mustuh come and let her. In the sense that. Like or as a, drunk red dog
in Chinatown. Eyes the deep shadows green dripping leaves.
She only did that once. Kinda like he only was always what happened to us.
A good tube business, a garden over there. Why are you licking momma?
That's why.

She sold retired research talked to everything. Damn.
The fast entire week theory. Pain in the banish. Is she asleep?
Huh huh huh. She worked that um, who sold homes? Kinda like the 19th century. Dependable. Teenagers, what are you doin? We discussed the hammer. She does that now. She whines to get her way.Very interesting.

She's over there fooling with his toy he broke now. Two hundered fifty dollars guaranteed.
I agree. I agree. We need help. You need fine people. Language gives it to him.
The other female is pregnant now. She called in sick. The sun come down
to the funeral home. She said that aint no fun. She's got diabetes and a bad doctor.
Shes got her mind where it's wearin' off. Change the membership, not the guns.
She's got that.

We gotta put medicine in her red eye.
But that's what bothers daddy's eyes. She comes home from work and she was bent over.
The longing drape a greyness she had the whole stratum was about
to say whatfor.

He's gonna have to go see the birdies whether he wants to
or not.
One time he bit me so hard. Most the time he don't bring blood. Learing in a crook it took a tick, a clock reverberation rocked. Caged people dont wanna go night night.

Give him here,though. Ahem. Show be it's.

Where are the birdies? In the beginning.

Life support for two weeks,
she did before they took em' out. Sicko, he left thursday.

when they took him off.


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