Yearlong Sonnet-- Iteration 20

Burgeoning as the Sign Swan Non

1. The Stretchmarks Log Insistence

heards befroren notary rubberducky
breaker break er
sensions and mutered
elle stick also, blaburry
those that ritz and rinse we'll all listen..welcome!
t((w))o(o) itches off holostoms the thor axe
inject I-said Fileshare and share a hidden secret
fearaway fiends xox elle oh elle o with like-LIKE
din in, delags it's nunya.
nft. tea
awning palm greasy fumemate
he was kinda sweaty with a handtruck
puddles of should are es es
for LOL, the ficus eeks un
cracks with left hair left handed
2. Why Can’t The Future Leak Backwards With
product and reproduct, minding
it's not my experience,it's yours.
up, strain all sing chew) ung
reener ray get-off in-cubed heads

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