3rd of 3 Poems from Jeff & John (Nov.07)

plan for the blend

as i please and i suppose
(hold up then holed up naturlich)
desperately the door closed and windows warred
i will divide into this then rebegin
(beatty and a net overboard is always alee)
upheld like stickers by the exhaust ____ slog your slogan
(warrant or presupposition looking for orifice)
know bodies_ yours and your own
(what part of "no"?)
and the not you that’s you too
(shank vs shiv vs shim)
intoxicating protocol lost in underbelly tentacles
(ankle biter paul anka allen arkin 20 thousand)
birthmark on the seat of your art
(clicket ot ticket artist or market)
less highways and card read malfunctions
(reality is feelings moreso than facts)
hiccough if its too much for you
(pithy snarks!)
much of which is gonna leave it markt up
(on a plane trip back from)
scratch lines for collapsing horizons then till end
(the knife out she screamed his gaze)
____[ are we below them ? ]
(the fuzzy mass rolled back a wet)
teasing ashes out of cracks that someone
(knocked. the bottom side foot bashed out the sun)
said were orthogonal which is I forget what but
(turned the corner to her notice)
theyre fucked up____triptometeresque
(hesitant meatsack seeks eulogy for sensual exploration)
bind us less with force than reverse envy
(there is always a box and always is)
rule us with false love so have we don't to
(blend and stare and expose it to the air)
what's the dif scrunched out like stones bleed
(check, next to "funny strange")
stain of invasions foundations can't hide
(now shit there quiver and be sliced)
i will mend entering as rudely shoosh
(behind taser sharp logic fog)

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