2008 Yearlong Sonnet-- Instance 3

Rake dead scales off me apostrophe X* 
eye dew subtitlessness styles loudly over
some thing engulfs thunk sly parent's twilight;
shuffle as clatter shrink dinkclamation plorts

or so lacks opaque*** pax qua (loose
ciphereye orange condominiums glump
or plastic (in covered lurks truncate leisure
orbiter, a world in furnished erotic ergonomics

ergo**all participants' flaw snored rattlestunned
hunches, crabwise aggregate scut work or, temperature of
twin sister tennis hissy fit. Unflushed word,
odorless doors adore belle thinintone)) go cold turkey

‘s boring shoulder plank shank to grey cross-pollinate
earshot rains into autobiography as then sloughs* nothing fits

*honkys bitten by loafing
**thing can't be yes obvious it can.
***aggravational lensing: the only things that survive are

1 comment:

  1. i've noticed when i'm talking i'm not saying anything,so to speak.where writing
    wraps words when i'm boned to brainless ganging,or doppel on goog who is a
    number or not.how faint the fright.open.lurking thru irks like licks to center,a
    sucker no a pop to bust bubble.no troyble,this trubble.anyway you look at it,
    it's being looked at.don't look. away away dixie cupped to mud 'nd dust,or when
    world expands,word collapses.where was an eye.seeing.perhaps a good taste
    is premium,drink it.to be drunk on grok,grog this by twigging.feel it twitter. a
    tweet retreating.how to be honest when h is silent.onnist.unnerly erring by way
    of swore.d not included.am i mia or my mama tums bogey.holed in one or
    another,i did note nothing 'nd that h still ate.myself mesylf.messed up.who are
    what that done it rong,brooking roolur bi furi cutting.is comm a pinko,whar dia
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