on cardboard

cardboard has interstices
right?  like situations do
if you look thru from
the side if you get the
angle right, you can see
laterally thru the object to
the other side but the tubes
that convey light also
constitute a strengthening
internal structure that allows
the material to be both
light & strong also
not incidentally it requires
les material so it increases
the level of profit by
its very nature card
board is transitional &
belongs to the 20th century
since it’s a form of paper
& thus pre-digital
tho the way you handle
it & the way it’s made
are such that it certainly
involves the fingers & so it’s
only pre-digital in a post-
digital sense, if you know
what i mean if you knew what
i mean you’d probably already
be home by now since
card & board & cardboard are
key bldg. materials for homes
for the homeless & also in
favellas every bit of cardboard
produced is dull green paper
you can cut yr. own throat
exactly w. an exacto knife
by wanting to press too hard
on the faces of those underneath
you it’s a science for the
CIA only on Sept. 11 did i find
out that the media call them
“box cutters”

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