unquiet etude in a piano fort

this then’s the yoke   a quick battered form
then it waves into   phantasm next week nosebleed slum arguments
then the find system   morphs: agree against,
tone slight    maybe  reach to a     a    here   this i’m
getting a grasp of ..  now a nevertheless,  flukes the gathering
light    against lite   as newer gambol   just gesture
so geste            laugh at that
in the addressed   or pushed envelope,
history of the leaves of war      signifies a scream in a cushion
quick   see   then  how
formed in fire   & impervious to
being sucked thru a wireless signal,
a witness sample     or, witless strangle time;
secret to self-hate aids & abets    karmicity nada slip under radar dive
in the cloud,   shrug off mist (which is missed)
grinning at anomie:
slap-happy gettin
relaunched and squashed flat

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