etude with growth

and the virtue of "sell fish" (ness)
an art is trumpeters and unwise chills
a disequilibrium
of lookup skylark'd
(quencher)— is a creek
footprinted over
the ideal parking:
headless rebel
w. herbs
gottcha! the revolu shun
now's non-trope
silver dreamed gangster
romance of unserious
as signature of wind
becomes: the garden for a bird
famine/lea chronicles
beyond the here
a rusty nave,
liar of the light
an honorable mink
am i cut & pasted from
lives too sour, lance
forward barring code?
there's ink in the way
a sewing adding machine
last retort
collected salvage
pioneers are coming to light
w. bullets for a focus
and yr. lips
newly unsealed

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