Poet X : a treatise re: verse(d)

essay 221

the impure products of america,
slow, sad

attach or default
     it’s a book-length chant
instantly   re-cognition time
                 mss are by deaf&itchin’   unpublish able
the creating artist is judging by a similar fashion
          a fiction, Al
world     wood   to word
they keep swooping thru that invocation     one and a half lines
germ in romanticism
launched ago
         a fragmentary theory of the poem in a swamp
rationale scribbling
         at this edge of unstatic sleeps
how you gonna revise,    where the unknowable flays central
               broken-off whisper
grants me
            wilding breath

she just figured out that
the blurred product of america
is the service sector:  military, spooks;
& postindustrial
shake & stir well
talk radio (active) blips mittel-brau twittering !

log-on riverrun rolling (competitive)
security questions give access to
data lacking applications—
please choose a suicidal scribble
with which to open this document

mean while
stylistic features contribute to praising the blind man
untuned guitar
        chorus bracing themselves   
toward private     since
to the modern literary mind
lyric in the newer sphere         songs like famous outsiders
trap in a songbook
ode under a papyrus
            try all the turns
& counterturns you want ... translation
gets narrated onto an etching
with extra vowels then
                               the assassination motel
projects    assonance w apparition

each full-length study now requires the strophe
to linger next to a shotgun
you can hear the door slamming where they keep epigraphs
out of scope
& crammed into the beginning    .....  i heard him
mutter everything had to stifle itself in
jerked words like a chicken on an island
swelling up thru argument
(& they thought that had something to do w thinking ... ..)

slip us this day our daily unbraided
buzz from sentences

‘cause yr revolver’s got breaks & blanks
and that’s how i understand
the usual sustained euphony
distinctively alien

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