many systems disregard data

(from:   the Loss Lieder)

music tastes like coffee/if you could have/what is that thing a moon a life a breath from the fall where life crawls out from the ocean/this is one (a)way they make the words conjoin/it is still from a score,  or no scoring till the bottom of the 7th/there is punctuation at the back part of the code/which is, automatic,  like a 45 or sickly grin/that’s my point/they got a shank stomp party goin’  you just don’t wanna know about it\i haven’t been to one like that/ a key is an opening device   w past masters/or future slave, in other words the only kind of flipping is in bright light/ gruff, as a mythological goat across astral star fields/ line to the chrono-log sunderfest sez: the portable Prejsnar is leafing thru endless back-translational appall/

a safety (missed) match is compulsion/the new time’s a compact chart/home of office a slipup is to thrive/sure, they were in historical echo an upstanding nemesis/writer’s disgust leads to writer’s digest.../wow,  like the triviality of his day is a powerful postmodernist statement/that’s been the print;./when you stint, when you sink that way pre-empt is tho presentable just as much hear to 4 as a nurse is to nuptials/i sue fonts to organize my soul/way leafing/how do you fix a system if it breaks down in time?/that list is (over) moderated\or if it breaks across/air famed slip jammer gets most of yr code wrong a regard/as if “troll”/the trebly air guitar’s heavy natch context wrenches partly renewed weird tools /one here one at home:  less, Ness/the non is to slip crud to love or to flee to fall to modulate in    to help/ to start

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