explorations of the quietness of exploitation for single voice

magnet is tie to the slip as if   in a quiet the mind fashions
as a simmer   down into there the lack
flame in lack unmindfulness in motion
got meaning?  vulnerable to raspish as quickly in quietude
is a soft as surrounding able fame sifting
as that goes in the sand, or near framing one
as they whisper in sea beach    woven as into   as    
usual a slow stylish ashes is self-accusation
vulnerable to raspish as quickly in quietude
quietly in a quieter tune   
unhurried is the reserve stock swept up  
lethargic is weaving as shilly-shally
spur of the moment in merry andrew w scads of the silver-tongue
stridulous worn inside out incredulous moving or a sluice
thru the scenery it’s humorous to fulfill all the
estranged fuss a now here is rudimentary swearing
for luxury for leafage for a swindler you make a move to explicate
summertide unwearing spokesperson heartbreak into downtime necessitate
sloop is to argent as palatial drollery
outflow moves thru full fledged playlist
unfamiliar addictions shifting meter just before filming time
with all due ality,  things move the volume knob
into downtime necessitate  from follows fluctuation
mine all Chinese whispers a laff all day keeps all
signatures away always(s)     any road, flings are heavy in
images for imagine    for imagine in the margin
nearest to nucleotides are the surf the nuclear
winter the neutered winner is qualms at a re-set
button panic mash mode as all mod nuked cons
swimmer in the notional waterfall  the nation
for wherever flowing as really a world loops avid in the
old master-form events reify tripped up crash a smashed
jar   move away from amateur meaning mister
credibility is crashed property dead hand stun
over in the middle of the freefall a maundering resource
research in intellectual of maudlin ownership
standard move sound system for rushes is author and
invoice at the outvoicing slow odyssey in unrapping zombie
as sorcerer witch-findings published
jail murmur as naïve is rolling a maul season slim/sleeve
mole worth how agent many moolah aim then under
inventory of the ammo journalism sez veer more chase
how they mail wall-define fever summarize in the one
summer eyes nestle as a mantra holism walk then thru
walls are on water i motion maybe all woven then over amplify
the air anterior with over a mélange to crack stab that coked out skull concave given damned grunt cloned  women make men move in those as moan
manufacturing meaning rashly umber saying OK silver mealy-mouth however marshmallow is a newer moray slide over slip rock
sieve hoovers memories we’ll ampersand back with quotient
aviary rail manage sees unjudge aristocracy choose over this
thinking its thorny eventual as all every foam ham actor weighing
inquiry jollies herself there to mutate loam or new sequins mentions
serialism is Vienna worth sausage surrealism as a lethargist
international oms: all seriousness against worm furs councils
all quiver sessions to imagineering urban play maces cheese luna
melt roger this in sluice fail evidentiary manopti-sound wails
a woman dreaming séance for her nameless lover wheels
along street hustle viva new age cites old agency rose-manner spectacles
putsch the envelopee over lawyering up historical time
a speech mollifying theory for alienation
wrestling to the extreme identify military forage essential
cold dynamite craters got glitches .. go!  blast permafrosted cacklers !!
sexual coherence is indigenous hey how ya hangin in in this
seal room mystery solutions now eugenicizing
reparations may hue it mauve treasures are the interrogational
imposition of a sage revelation sphere those modifications
inside commodification we essay as slowly mail a
thriller screen version healthily physiological mellifluous quasi-sensation
who soothes the soothers?  mothers wish there in Indonesia
standard move sound system for rushes is author and
invoice at the outvoicing slow odyssey in unrapping saving
as singinger sail-findings waver
jail murmur as naval is rolling a maul season slim/rum
inventory of the ammo para-colonialism sez veer more shushing
how they mail all-over jim crow moves north summarize in the one
moral balance  mushrooming-house as a familial stroll then thru
force is a small-scale freshness kissing sorrow
floral seizure wheels rivers in with
a hermeneutical*  seminal for sloshing moving waves
over yr unusually special eyes the eyes are laws

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