[from:      the Loss Lieder]

which is perhaps as in a raid more important,
work with
admits he would have trouble
in the numbering
orphaned budget
available free for use or printing online

(there is no pagination,  there are minor differences 0069 of sections, and all the maps and graphs are absent
an intelligent game

wash over you
if there were institutional gloss for nonbeing
i would find another idea myself in a there were magnitudes big cities
asking to cope
with the changes that happen a glass block high ticket price
for admission to a gallery
filled with fire
if that flinches of prose
then you could in its
lair the way we do to roll the always have too much everyday life with pricing in
the phone with a wall in his acrobatic
contention if they all sit down
in one guy’s house to see a movie that
no one’s seen how do i know that a tree’s falling
in a forest?  is
dice in the bedroom as if the terrorist has that
president’s nice words 
he kills people with his
known and very innermost undergo        the submarine class position like
being a fraternity    is one time the same
as what his country has done to you

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