shopping centers across the landscape


built by magnates   unmag D, magnetized like if
under new losses, the markets reel   phishing-rods
redneck double-dome
only so much per bid
out w the practice-squad for 10 reps
workplace flipped from center to felony
the artist who didn’t fail to bark like a dog in the nite:
right of entry’s a matter of say-so
or lash across commercial unconcern
unlockling that beacon into a stall

the odd molecular chasing happened, or
spare the spoil, sci the poli,  child the maybe:
a rumpus, flunking hope
one moan one vote,
a unionistic saying greets     stronger in longing
(midshipman eyes,  the data streams over)
a singer manages stairs down concrete block-houses
got no clout:  it’s the same m.o.
a flaying doc slid fast
when the link wouldn’t work

tied up in jail, can’t make meeting. . . .
that means
wail of sax, manual, a clumpy trill
they accomplish non-linear representation
hail merry zips to intercept:
pause at disjunction—untune guitar;
moving out’s like filching the time/tables
maybe those initials map us as bale jumper
w a band going faster at one burning—
untidy     in open mire quash

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