a sampled universe

expostulation 38

contested every step of his advance :
get rid of that infected bit of text!
and prevented him from gaining partial information
that their soldierly qualities

a company is building a robot able to load and unload trucks.

fought,   in an enemy’s hands
murderers and highwaymen seemed a if the
other indicated the order was canceled—
shrouded under a bright red sheet

blowing up culverts
made from aircraft-grade aluminum and titanium
which gears back around into the first algorithm,
large bodies incorporated into the mass of an army, more usually
to work in small bands, cutting off small reconnaissance
parties, even surprisingly small, tiny even,
they continued
the invaders'  lines of disordered communication
a manner where we know that to fall invests
almost the full verbal armamentarium

these frank traders
these free shooters by these relatively unconventional tactics
paralyzed large detachments
& improved with experience
their favorite enemy

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