Reading Alison Knowles (realized by James Tenney) from _Computers for the Arts_

read by James Sanders

Computers for the Arts
Dick Higgins
Abyss Publications, 1970

Here is a link to Higgins's book. Higgin's includes a sample from Knowles's piece that he indicates is four out of fifty pages, but it appears to be only three.

Here is a picture of Knowles's program, written in FORTRAN:

Since the text followed a fairly straightforward algorithm, I thought it might be interesting to vary the context. So I played a human output device, reading a stanza when and where I felt like it. Locations included my house, a Lowe's hardware store, a Ross "Dress for Less" store, a forest, a port-a-poddy, and a YMCA. Apologies (or not) for the environmental interference.

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