avoiding corporate breakdowns

[from:   the Loss Lieder]

as the clock pencils ya down in the gang related under-caring,  so hand-held poetry rips a fade nail rush to sleepiofication in a bayou where i forgot how to spell the multiverse that ables here a quest element shuts down all tv specials over craning to spear that necessary suffering they gamble a glint to pulsate farm hacking nears the end points for beginning if they had a release program it would not shout zoology to ya,  just waiting for growing siècle cells to awake into that melos of hard-headed enemy, it all watches from the sidelining,  a silver lining under not in so many words, all creeks buried by northern development,  never evolve into the concrete money with a turn to quit, or a flow to arrive, it goes into the mind atmosphere, if you got pleadings for the case,  centuries acre you against lollygag find munitions, it means just that, a waving wig where a flag spat flat ..... that means ya disrupt the simultaneously malign and stupid,  with choirs for singing the thinking blanch gag law steep fall jailing handle ...  just wait for the show with a cigarette that ya don’t much inhale, because a readerly response pattern against the self-involved hating slither-cats, goes toward that pounding train out back manages generations back at the transformer cider squeak and clean rash clonedom,  it fires into their staggered anti-human accident of a failed personhood, never break up the mind growth human bovine greenery insemination protocol,  all they wrap a decimal with blown grain meager to the hand-wringing;  i almost fanaticize and a phantom’s eyes,  fantastic size or the eagerly awaited boredom,  folded down in a daughter small waiting room interior to the process,  a gash in sizzle waves that fizzle, that’s the table tank burning fevers,  always you in that way will blast a summer’s lye gadget say ....

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