meaning mind & crime

[from:   the Loss Lieder]

quick time to tremble swills linking there
empty the trash for the first one into
all that matters is,  rack as a flame stupor;
at the deform sequence, idiot laugh quality sprig tempo to
cringe at flow-sine lag hamper; 
i took long as compose keybs to memorize every episodic
flows toward
keep famous to a slag heap yr story behind
is the back sample ...           & lose yer memory
zapping a heave throne ample nip at the edges
flames to go that way
all the quake semi’s into one slightly known premise
shoot-em up in the western civ
lax to maybe     could be a law in context
doing it’s the thing
wherein to catch   peasant surly flop hammer attitude
word-drenching ...
learn your cross-over finger technique
train into the playing zone
at the drone,
a bog dandy, a me-prod lectern to
hellhole, as in :object of reticulation
ridiculed    fistfight tourist trap
jaws of stolen

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