study 256 (small sketch w. dream-space)

a gaunt centimeter’s mock in to study or cruise to know to believe each, this is the hand on the sears guitar sunburst a code in waiting ; way here fab or plan stress well sitting looking at chess across the country road from an infirmary it knits all the non-touching fame gathers appall ; how then he goes it’s a blaze handle certain foam whipped; starting yr career as an artist gifts blent or bent bars,  forwarded up on the shore of to be, as:  grass potent story flow past ants to pink skies racked summer here match to light flub near glad ; this conjures hand managing basics or all bass knowing maybe chime sequence: this is here yep time tramp or iron flat face to a town a canyon passwords flip over backup or boycott   holding underdog a Latin word for “poor”

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