etude : dropped zeros

1, or b

paper in the flame a storied lack of tell starts  fade not fall
paper in the flame a stone by brook bland slash air quaint exiting yowl stare
paper in flame the line delineating our mess or society the strands going back to flire
paper in the flame growmanticism rust crack wheels gone blanching yr data
paper in the flame let’s denote flying acids an idiot’s laff springs as concrete

2, or c

no toward shopping maul same as the unfaired i

not  sing buster  harm  ham o  so  cement not concrete riddim

sneak up hang  so  &  they do     ghosterlies

no timed ward for   slink and so   ape  tram   if

(with:  busting,  or ed,   or out ...

by a letter margin   hold  they sneak   to   off!  grab   i.d.

long slow  hack the    umber   in a region ?   sample   lash light

no true fame portrait    held  here     hit,    & hit

not a score but an    interception   racking plastic  black plastic

all sudden: an explosion w smack-blather    (ginger combust

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