felony militia

Felony militia, begun in June 2002, and recently revised a bit, is a polyphon for 4 voices.  Three performers work from the main score, while a fourth voice (“the other voice”)  reads the continuous text.  I was tired of calling the parts 1, 2, 3 and so on, so the performers are designated by symbols. Performed this week at the Wednesday nite meeting.  –mp

bagatelle for 4 voices

[tempo:    quick  
--in a snappy  manner]




                                                                           =gainful  smack
                                                            at a galaxy !


                                                +over to larboard

            =smitten  all   contempt

            *they developed    an alphabet

    + not extant
=no textant

            *mallet    as missing
+a feature   image

                                                            =is glossed for forgetting –

*they.... have a roar


*the orchestration
is  Naples   with mortality—



*decorum  deforms

            +i’m,   you  know—

            =inbred weaponry

*slung     wave     and   mooring

                           +clients you pick with hammers

=freedom sez  photogram

                        +clownery drawbridge

            *rack  !

                        =link to happen

+narrative gunnysack





            =fly to the slap

+and a gumshoe has it

+decorum  deforms

            *i’m,   you  know—

            +inbred weaponry

=slung     wave     and   mooring

                           *clients with hammers

+ a  link  loses you

            =prong !









            =fly to the slap  --

*and a gumshoe has it


the other voice

[deliver steadily, expressively]

the blue edge leading in the cloud possible wrecked old buildings for the future is a start the finding is now really funny here very much a coming down for the upcoming showdown !   all told portfolio lists  the code is a password it will let you say findings happen i think  he has the threads didn’t work didn’t work notes on an image imagines the blue edge leading Federico Garcia Lorca is locked like a lurker in a locus near distance is a tear jerker meaning the finding is now linking to a cryptoid bundle categories get filched from dudes wandering where axes tell you volumes firm orders arriving are a play-flow into the mega-dream or finding a new publisher is the fiscal conversion table their pleasures were not the pleasures of disguise agree with leakings to the pressed flat rat in fall landscrapings the code is a password it will let you say findings happen i think  he has the threads linking outward? finding elements the blue edge leading is a tear jerker  undistinguished by being lost in found words a  losing means my mind was foraged maybe just messin’ around with noble music like getting re-hired where they can’t ever shut up  losing means a happen in the dark film

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