cryptophasia 15

long flow to a ...  slap!  rattle
retch,  here’s a rag plinth to maybe shore
land there
fetter against a look-in hoist:
the snowball cartel’s
measuring ammo again, they got
twits who flummox post-audial selves there,
tweak tweak  (it slums up: mulch)—
the twitch folio
strews yr heyday, just a niggling clout
toward mulishness   rite?  enuf to
pulverize that kooky sybili reach getting here
thru leaving there, one minute halved;
if ya go toward melting, the warm weather
stings like whistles sharpening blades or
to unscrew some far-reaching nub
of the anti-matter, guess guessvramshackle
chained to a snooze schelping
substandard blather:  beleagured macro-nuzzle
for a big (shrunken down) wig

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