a sampled universe

toccata 12

property-led urban degeneration that’s news that stays old
or oiled, well in the  vanishing power surges
a poverty scorecard for getting paid almost nothing for
tracking down pockets of misery, miserly, masterly
while readjusting the home fires are said to have
left over 3,000 homeless property-led incarceration
according to prejsnar’s first law, that all systems are go
and then arrive
all the trans is a total against the margin
all the tons are a total against the market
all the talk is a tale told against the mid-hit
all the tease is a teased allied against the mashed writ
proved a very whoa!
that’s the first time speaking in a direct manner
generated barricades in a garbage man’s vision:  as we
snuck it out or around: property-led urban
impersonation that’s news that stays
older than a morning television show, appealing to the
18 to 35 mail demographic:  you can’t just
male it in property-led is against the margin
while readjusting the camp fires burning property-led
urban assassination that’s clues that’s news
that stays older than
the day is song

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