study 238

                          longish throws as
cracked stone frown to air, it
rips as a doll’s garden weeps,
fixer-upper nodding at these
internal suburbs, wide-eyed
circuitous, shorted out
by widening the almost there—
blinkered idle as a localism
deepening like city stalk to a leisure call:
gettin’  toward being
spark in the moment grins cat’s fur
old style poetic modality
flip to a clack sum
bits of a city go slur
crank mobility guys out emptiness
from stupid & bad products
they delude products as
well   smart n good by denature   so
—all along step-
flacking gyps yr near urb eye
light rail macks clone
slummering to a tumble yards
wick aglow shiv or er
nothing’s here,  that isn’t shimmering

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