study 237

   who you are
holds a pistol to yer head
echelon glow    sort of as a frame
toward mastodon slide-whistle
stumbles are laws    barking edged
slat gripped a rip-saw tearing
“un-seen quickest said”
quietist slug gloms
quicksandy gabbles..  or sucked down
slowly        prances to
a cup quieter w almost
instantaneous speech;
idiots w technology gleam
backed-up traffic-
like symptoms loomy one drone
mushing, Yeah i got money for
my car, a sloop hit by
frown amplification grink
sinks in his gaze like
a zombied texter w
thumb cramps, twist
wrinkles total fear winking
alarm twinkles never-agreed-
to uncle space
which advertises:
open seven twenty
four three two

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