reading Robert Grenier from _What I Believe Transpiration/Transpiring Minnesota_

Performed by APG

WHAT I BELIEVE transpiration/transpiring Minnesota
O Books, 1991
Boxed loose pages

For those unfamiliar,  WHAT I BELIEVE transpiration/transpiring Minnesota, is a box of three volumes, each composed of loose 8.5 x 11 sheets. The poems on most of these sheets are handwritten and cover the entire page.

Leslie Scalapino says in her introduction that the "reader of these poems has to decipher (as really seeing) them." So what does the performer do? We tried to attend both to the act of performance and the medium of the recording, somewhat reflecting Grenier's attention to the act of writing and the medium of the page. While we treated the pages as scores, we really only wanted to capture some of the low-fi, improvisatory scribble feel rather than use every mark as a cue.

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