postsong with vivid green

a   lick to the splintered frame,    as, to step thru    (to, a world

b   compass accounts for slipping under (into]  sharpened edge

c   flaming as:  etudinal or attitudinal

d   log rolling down acid river stanzas

e   flow gettin hypersensative to maybe song

f   online as no more carousing (lithography, ablaze)

g   hours of operation gag up authority problems problematic

h   the culverts stretch out    far  (define:  disuse)

i   speechmaking flings torpid    or,  underfitted  (suffle paper glance)

j   i wanna know goes the intersectional chord

k   tell ‘em:  lack of clumsy gets maybe to where whom   or home

l   you can hear the fingers on the fingerboard, mussed ghost . . .

m   an autopositioned sovereign claim.    hup!  hup!  hup !!

n   tensions from leviathan gut new curdled theory

o   online only due to strength

p   what they sd. :  changing human lives for the batter

q   killing off the business major, a continuing strain

r   ambiguous resistances    cloned in the damp fire?

G   things limp along,  snap snap wing crinkle

K   grate is a space clearing to be flown

A   grate is a space clearing to be thrown

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