cryptophasia 14

long riddle to an international arena
flow goes to parabellum
aimed around
that’s top drawer!   (or it’s locked
the President stands for everything else  (final version
autonomous, per google
[a number squared by a roster forgotten]
hours aren’t ours guess what
used recently   if red
“rattle the cage” is a key to keys
the deadbolt is fourth     along
pen, ultimate.. writing is to lastly
long riddle to an international arena
universal product code
id’s you
sometimes there shd. be a source on the back thereof
evidentiary foundations
it appears along the spine
file away the slim blu-ray box
in among purple raze
or sometimes there’s a suffix of 2 digits added to the code proper
hours aren’t ours that i see
Unfortunately, everyone involved resembles blind men with an elephant
stomped flat

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