writing François Dufrêne's "Batteries Vocales" Crirythme

I thought it would be fun to reverse things for at least one of these entries. So below are two writings made of one of Dufrêne's well known crirythmes, "Batteries Vocales."You can listen to the piece at Ubu, here.

Here is one visual "writing" of it:

Here is another:

I also recorded the writings. Here is a recording of the writing of the first above, and and here is the second.

For the curious, Dufrêne defines Crirythme as follows: "CRIRYTHME, noun (from CRY, inarticulate sound not necessarily a shout, and RHYTHM, not necessarily cadence); a neologism (by F. D. 1953) designating the INTENTIONAL PRODUCTION OF PURE, NON-SYLLABIC, UNPREMEDITATE PHONEMES, FOR AESTHETIC PURPOSES, WITH A MAXIMUM DEGREE OF AUTOMATISM, IMPOSSIBLE TO REPRODUCE EXCEPT MECHANICALLY (on tape or disc)." [Francois Dufrêne, "The Crirythme and the Rest," in François Dufrêne: Affichiste, Sound Poet, Museu Serralves, 2007, p. 249]. Theae writings, then, attempt to follow the letter of Dufrêne's definition (simply replacing an unkown set of stimuli for a set of stimuli in which one (i.e, "Batteries Vocales") is known) as well as the somatic and asemic spirit of his practice.

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