writing as process

exact that the radio pumps the toxins 
radial ring sound

endless anecdote not anodyne--- the cuts in the hour—

these that a delete
  not should be
    the breath at the minute

families of deadened laugh,  the mind freezing over,  time

long wave cycles a spin in the hive
the lies have honey

told to burn a transit object node point recurring—

massage the leg of fleeing,  the case opened

these voices bend back,  isn’t that weird?

those phrases fat in the americinal fascination,  feed the salute!

they then agree:  the where is carried forward by the wind

there’s a little buckle,  holds the choking world

their laughter is the spinning,  they total as wood head blocks

the process disconnects the database,  nothing retained, life a slew, a mix

there ya go,  the mind as minima,  non keyb flame snicker, aw,  gog--  gag

and at the bared air,  mind turns fin car snaking

link,  odd meaning,  a career  -- a thing /  out of control

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