study 245 : a second ago

saw but motoring a dozen
exculpatory   you move in  where
not an inch   gets felt
not a felt   aims at ball for 7 ball or 8 balls
under the mine
woolgathering    focus non spat
to trail world fifty anti prospect
as a degree
keeping the rise high drooping birds but
around statelessly to be bounds of junk
will see you tickle in blankly
no  thanx,  no,    no thanx
risk managers anger   into purpose
keep ‘em comin    deeply that eradicated fear pump
is avertable but then you
in burnt garden see reports for shipping abroad
a narrow practice guide i nearly
elected to be tearing
success     it’s smart that podcasts
don’t rip or give autographisized spring
deadn’t to copse bottle
feragutt in the alley !
damn the broke bricks
feel storm    a head
lessens grasp for
underdog soul torso   a terrace
now you might see ‘em coming   don’t want
invisibility blowin’ in here

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