study 218

a bad news that plays the part in writing, and then family to espouse the negative balances going overhill;  it simmers there in the light like a night in a day; is frame the pround to nearness excellent egging-on,  just who pray?  the nice one to list on parameters, it's going to be a long week;  they pay that one visit to empty and echo at hollar or the name; this is flame; in the deep rush a desert; I hear hyenas laugh, that have their throats cut by their throats; a belly laugh of dead with loudness; a crawl at wild as in closed; they got stupidity for their money; high pitch squeal of giggles slip thru their ground eyes;  famed by their cloister shiv crush; sleeping inside crushed heads, they backtrack into slammed volume;  creative like maggots is curative lackstory

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