reading Steve Benson from _Reverse Order_

Part 1 [11:29]
 Part 2 [10:07]
Read by Zac Denton and James Sanders

Reverse Order
Steve Benson
Potes & Poets Press, 1989
93 pp.

Steve Benson is known for his improvised poems, many of which involve iterative performances. For example, he may improvise to tape and then improvise along with/against the tape recording. A note from Benson in Reverse Order indicates that "Back" was composed using an ur-text which he improvised from, recorded and then transcribed to produce the text of "Back" in Reverse Order. So we've done a performance perpendicular to Benson's performance (though parallel to its textual presentation). I (James) wanted to do a Benson piece because his notions of iterative compositional process and (its corollary) explorations of the relation of poetry to text (hint: it's not an exclusive one) are important to my poetics and that of the group.
[Yes, that's the best image I could find of the book. I should scan my copy.]

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