an algorithm for druid hills

text and quivers

[from:     the Loss Lieder]

If we walk thru a relatively affluent community in a large city, say a neighborhood like druid hills, we will notice the calmness of the evergreen trees, the serene silence of the white or pastel christmas lighting arrangements, and in general a sense of peace and centered calm,  such as that which many people associate with the tranquil parts of their memories of childhood.

well heeled city affluent mire reaches out toward timidity: conurbational, nation-bangin’ goes to domain druidic; coldish knoll is life-lug as mentions kindheartedness .. developers’ names are everywhere (non-unique); number theory stretches across the syntactical parallelisms; self-possession and the quiet AM radio, ashen caucasian shuffles off to muffle, oh, a hundred meanings, shush:  laid-back is scimitar or wishy-washy
... not everything has a flow chart lacking specificity (but, you’ll wager);

a near-enuf is nick to episode, erratic fate, unruffled & musing; but a grave review is say-so and shockwave: iciness blunt as purée ..ampishly (brusque)  recoil from the guzzle or mêlée .... allay

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