a sampled universe

transliteration 5

the curious case of,  if ... reported to have hanged himself, blink blink;  to badger;
the ghast is seen obliquely,  for instance raid that the anger slips right thru  ....  aimless qualities,  and then sick with justice;  occasionally claims to have touched a grint,  out a museum,  a tingling in wires that skate down falls to a new nift slash or freeze quaking symptom  (we usually speak of seeing,  as in,  daddy’s trying to relax vividly to her husband,  it’s a figure of Voltaire,  mind for instance tries and draws flat people –there are no mirrors under falling as a ghostbot; set up a communications company, finding is half the occurrence; defended the necessity of keeping some information out of the public domain; rack rack wrack—

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