a sampled universe

toccata 4

does not give it yet , at the edge of the demonstration a biographical
 narrative hidden in a forest more than 300 policemen
specified of the autonomous ones ignited several cars
Black smoke clouds ascended over the dockland.
thereby. 30 of the officials would have so heavy injuries suffered that they
The police used water throwers data twists into a fist
across frozen hours at the edge of the demonstration
"the autonomous ones strike everything briefly and
small, which places itself, said to them
 into the way" a police speaker.   Demonstrators from
 the black block in such a way and established road barricades.
supplied themselves more than 2000 autonomous ones proper road battles
The force had begun on afternoon, at the edge of the demonstration
An exact number of hurt demonstrators. and against
evening had increased With the rust ochers demonstration against
the attack was brought across by dreams
look out where you encircle in a close wrench

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