study 175 : one letter the cursor chose

live purposes pave the way: the wind is in fingers;

why are the meanings held, 

oh maybe a little just a little bit too tight?

hell, a loss is in the garage the ready burning the already burning

all random generators run on wateredown powder

granted,  spies lurk in fields too lightened up to notice

energy claims the one ooops laughed and dropped kinda,  & then

heavy or lacking   (on a day like this

into the mud field play hammered or icky sleep tech reeves

labor has that rolling slap or back finned fine foe garb

oxen aren’t free

they cope to write one way then change haberdash

o my wonders;  here there are wackos calling wackos

whether set or impossibility has the pen,  a knowledge drain

gears leap all crowned

the none system hangs those

to lock

eagerly,  to the slave house a klieg light in air

decoy,  to seize on where we may are is to go some over but still?

malice typified as the x the typing undermethodly

dove until the new sound was eloquence submerged in jell

even then,  the countermanded mandate sez,  walk total or

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