the racing form or, impersonation w wry comments

[from:     the Loss Lieder]

the spacing   all different
buses run thru downtown grids
burnished flotsam   the powerless a few stragglers
hint at where zombies cross
shadow makes it happen
on the colder days,  a mire
spun into crawl metabolisms
blanched like a semi-group
& memory gives out,  faulty
an alley turns street
sections grow resistant to wear oddly rectangular
like a glance he decided against
dropped phones don’t lead here
home is where the fleet sank
an underling added those correct notations
committees, explaining,  mestizo, day bagging rites
as ... you don’t control a city
it, youdemented
voice tortured loud
get an extra torque at the store
an analysis of job creation
got no selves, where the fall goes
no sensation

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