study 180 : an odd number at askance

as then the morning has fires in words

commercials eat up time like flags

mass media swirl over dead eyes

words of where in an uncertain wind list

objects crowd into the middle of rushing

words catch fire across the swirl, roil and
flow of hard cold water

the latest power outrage under tight security

virtuoso skidding across frozen road

sling low and fast and the focus is major

some new scale will alter severe weather

leap to the cut and paste,  and flow through

Yiddish is a meld of maybe in an exile

Yiddish is a meld of definitely in an exile

shards of sharp reason rain down from the academy

making a where is almost to be arriving w dancing goals

to be a seer is a jape of an echo

the greatest family resort
is a delusion in a pocket of weather

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