mare-E X-miss

hark!  the Harold angles zing-
ing at a faultline, flitting around like a stodgy or
riverine overcast .....  do you hear what
i hear?  sd. the spree killer to the
little lamb ...  i think it’s a residuum of
doldrums,  magnification @ the holiday sales counter:
on crunchy snow, bits of stars rap
on some tightened surface
.. each time-fragment spins over treetops
like a tongue wag across blaze/bliss!           

lash at the clock with a dash it all sampling
euphoric’s the high with a purple cloud in the sun
nite time is the right to left movement time
if enuf planes go moving thru yr air-space
to announce a savor,
trump-lines blaring!
good king wins, a cell-less
call tells you sledded polacks got smote, over,
on the rocks,
if you got married gentlemen,
let nothing you dismiss or maybe
look to a typing that trips & takes off

the early bird wets the germ
or, in other words,
haul the decks with hows? off bally instances:
regifting slants quaint as a yankee grifter swap:
all troll’d, stockings get stuffed over
halls are filled w marks
& so the signified gets cat nipped
or sometimes napped, over to place
.... which a $3,000 watch
notices, from way back in black
& write, ad &

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