"insects are evil thoughts thought of by selfish men"

"insects are evil thoughts thought of by selfish men"

predator resting ? on my window
a moth clasped in mouth.                    i
intellect deserve more logic defect.
path artery,

words appease
except question,

yet deserve someone looking in on our understanding

mental who in little contained words is person pattern
skipping what might yet apprehension add to artery
with clear clearness that does except independent defined
intellect more position

would that truth were independent defect

flight is lost
one is eaten by it
thus the turn to doubt

any method told cd not be
instead being but a veil           i
in front of it
facts clearness think another

quality i abstract apprehension
under hand of under elements
general person
not question

have motive depends (insects)
under appeases
but is attention
to philosophical thus person what poetry
to doubt words
doubts doubt
after is the what question or supposition

yet except apprehension
see the artery
with histories
dependants of some order of clearness
confidence remedy
under melody we motive might someone

drone passes by ear passes

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