evasion i loll in the punch line

do i want that. would i. or find an exponent
write that way. 
fantasy of a moment ago 
thus the opening lines came after
the title
which came from this
something or other than evening now i can't recall clearly
it was torturous, full hood
but it was television and carefully anesthetizable
growths of mall in the moralizing
suit and tie is political
was a title or first line or some limnal pop viral melos
and true         standing where it would make matters
yes the dream entrained evelated morsel is also 
untunneled as the rest
villian loose another told monday but today is not
and the crinkled lines of maps is all that separates us
from antilles zorn 

members of members of themselves' selves
member remembers dismembers sender
reikjavik it escapes timid shell pattern
are you on monsters    rapid    eye    drum
escapees     lurking    apartment     off    waffle    ramp
milk    shadows minor queue and comembers
members if meme of themselves' selves
yogurt celery aspirin litter 15,000 boxes of antihistamines
biological weapons chicken scratch parmesean accepts cookies
blinks. scrawls. sits. weltering passes and then nod or nog
that side line is fine for hidden recess
for taking the all and sent
collapsing i collapsing back up again clock tic
lose even this nervous chase to dive 
no amount of time is enough time
it has all been stolen
the mockingbird sings at night
about a written list
of things you like about yourself
and whenever your abjection has the news
shout it enough & mockingbirds will sing
that no amount of time is enough

what said is saying what again
each eaves will have to spake

with the roof in truth bi dangling
blandishment wine the way marrow

nail in teeth cedes us luck relief
exaggeration lilts and rubbernecks

beaut fragility to glow watch  
hunt for burst laughters weather

sun is all in it the very word to sting 
imagine red need brim multiplying 

against entropy these shared undersides

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