hotel herringbone

sulphur, rage, bongwater & (s)lime
she was once—well,   
more than once

not a racehorse but sweatslick
& in need of towel
crazy about the window in a
handicapped hotel

in the event of a Romney win

logo or stain? these hurricane head-
lines up the ante for refreshment. crazy
about the h, the haitch, alliteration the itch,
the ache. Europe broils as a forgotten dream.
the report or the effect of the report?
pool of vomit or the urge to vomit? my
polling place is nearby, irrelevant. the mark
or the sound?

without a seam
or when throttled by television
how to name her in four years. what
could bring dusk in this market?

in the event of
name it

remember me to one who lives there

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