some films of Murnau

scowling stage right 
to ennui at the fourth wall foot 
mascara attitudinal scream 
spins the woman by the stove 

as fists eyes 
eyes fists 
pinhole shrink waiting by the beach 
along she comes 
as plaid the whip of wind in comes 
the man with more mascara

sees you. the mist of particles becomes other 
a screen, sheen
do you remember her sneaking up
those hats in boats
pliers of feet and yes the man 
with more mascara
his hands like fish to the side

line upper left thru screaming 
head clutching
they eros 
strap and titanic into the wind
thank you 
silence he falls to gnash ground

fences leads door to fences of doors 
but do door lead houses to beach pickets
) night (


phantom murmur bldgs slump 
a stiffer courtyard 
ghost chariot runs you down
running arms outstretched 
i would forget it all 
for wrought iron railings 
and die on 

elsewhere she floats in rumples
demanding appearance
the drowning
a stage rehearsal
can't you see thru smile that i'm brinking 
madness, no madeness
and prone to head hugs
maniacal hands


stairs wed whirls and alcoves
stall the mob of the suited
young boys that take your coats

dancing to big face
then face in a dim
and splits on a carriage

why not funerate the gown
and wallish the fitting
while heaping stalks

box horse gallop
for empty seconds
drinking and drinking i steam rising 

is my face doing this in a hole

turned away and sinking
a bicycle revolving above 
collapsing lead foot
dance floor whirl


a greased head turns a night we'll never forget
iris to me stern turban and laugh when one shot

(...) hops railings until one day turning falls
these hardbound yellow pages maketh me sweat

       not  so  ha  ha  when  you're  it

a hand to the gauze 
collapsing now in sepia 
confessions end

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