peripatetic-improv from 'Entanglement' series (Wal-Mart, july 21 2012)

30 stones             for the original                  great value,                        88

kitchen mitten,                     I will help you                       with the dishes
                                                                                                       you are such a
big boy

                learning cutters                                    Skinsations                            Viva
                        our lemon revolution

dreft,                           for all of us                               oh you special kitty

you are a proud trackless                             safe in the water
                                                      or me to fit over                            small,
itchy material                                                             to encase

                that elbow,                           that which sticks out in us          as
an isle of bone

                                                  guarded                             for me                  my
guitar-playing pose
                                        & everything
                                                                                that meant more             than
                                         on wheels

                                                                                “mess with me,
                                                                                            you mess with my daddy too”       

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