studied blindness forgotten 
thereby waking to an uhhh
donning an awe costume
emote tracking procedures
clacking shill-of-a-con game
facetime re-cognition modules offering
038. I'm so happy to see your are feeling better.
087. Thank you, Yes, I would appreciate the chance to trade my consumer history for a miniscule discount.
922. Ironic these eyebrows certain deregulate my moist.
          lower lumbar hope bank 
          now a subsidiary of accustrain 
         pilots kiss ass unto ceasura
        who times the times suppression of taping
       rather tapping something something
      from pundit to executive
          false con an imagining device
         staves off dependent red returns for black
        closing cubicled for moments of rapport
       with the underling like virus i expressing
      faith in not being voted off self 
    service island rhetoric of jaw

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