etude w resonance

getting there’s the same as a burning letter. just like typeset in flank sigh motions a wild occur is blow fan flame Hi !  how ya doin’
how can you be doing  that?  a merely googly snitch pander halves that line to anglo in the incursions speakeasy
all grown a powder keg to powder yer nose as a snub is rat or tat to seethe gappin’ all trounce admit   fudge that wired data
go grip with angrification a breath of fresh stare at long meadow dissolving plan haggard or that flimsy excuse for a bardic moment !
if raised then see, or vide the mock spillage off to one side they created that artificial street, as the rain water drips down on the apartment
all training goes into iron for forgotten, or: sling wrath as never gibber wraith, it just glows    it glows without sayin’

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