broken record of concerns, or: a monophonic song form for worries (superceded?) and the rim-leaper

”It’s a broken record of concerns about the economy, taking down
earnings numbers”
      --Peter Gottlieb,  portfolio manager at First Albany Asset Management

as   when you look up

                           un  or  deal  the dimension

hopped up    for a muster   or     calling   to order

for a motor   and dreaming in yonder

--would you want to read this book?—

                             eschewing,   and the lingua      dives

a bent market    with   fear-cackles
            (...letter to complain about
the slow service you get w. postmodernism     (then--)


elocution lessons for the prison guards   and --

across the street  &
get me a fever

                                    the moth balls
               calculate air time

leap  into the frying pan!
   overlook the demonized !!

    a sinister melody  buries itself  in the back  of the
room          in the back of yr  eyes

                           word or phrase
retrieves        ||     memories     rattleglass
     an acidic blood

  {report from the lost patrol}

if the privatization of poetry
continues unabated
the dynamism will return to
our decadent culture
& everyone will know
their place
& the air        will be sweet

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