across green flame

[from:      the Loss Lieder]

and stroll thru the devastation a mind wags where glee & under-thinking are proposed like think gin a million times are in the lines, what they yap numbers a sleuth raids a cliff face as the monument to old Indian burial ground as significant as runaway shops in folded performance like wider or wilder self were not a flame the green flame that eats up all the software before you breathe or recall yr time of playing

as loathe to loathe as we are, or to have loyalty to loyalty, mind functions in the way ammunition sorts itself in a steel barrel,  shooting fish in the breakage of an era, or, light sabers and heavy, slash in rain where ordinary incline sluice attention from record use to the melting of vinyl an avenue where many old schools till they understood, a typo’s a worldview blocked by girders or whole new ballpark, and slipping to update the moment history readjusted knot as in not legitimate turn up the volume so look up the myth he took his sword and cut the damn thing down the middle,  where the long slog meant she drifted out of sight if yawning in the chasm materialized a hovercraft at the showdown, sling all as begin into sets of verbs spread over the surface, can you decide to talk using words careening into view?  a mild yes is all that’s required, quiet down as i am left in a spacious tower, all brushed steel and walk-in closets

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