a sampled universe

rules for poets, donkeys & others 9

adverbs modifying verbs appear in various positions
i remember how happy
martin always wins our tennis matches
a present participle should describe a person or thing
causing or stimulating an experience... like,
hitting on someone in the middle of
the smoke, it’s time to bail!
titanic is, as
eating your son or yr  daughter; ... an absolute phrase,
which modifies
the whole sentence, commuted, by latin mass transit—
Sally’s best friend Sid has been playing the guitar
since the age of seven, or maybe that’s    sever
exclamations are punctuated with exclamation points:
you rat!
joggle across to plunk
pretty stealthy
re-rig   our slew a qualifications
& don’t forget my bottle of Irony
even tho we can’t figure out who brought it ..
plug-ugly skipjack puzzle:  ok,
now aircraft carrier parenthood...

add or delete question marks
as needed

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