a sampled universe

rules for poets, donkeys & others 8

some e-systems do not allow for italics,
and the following sentences change from the passive
to the active voice, the deep voice
echoing in a slightly re-modeled concert hall:

turning up the volume on global poverty;
attacks on banks frustrate customers;
5 dead after clash is the first state;
banning is not allowed
where allowing effectively eliminates ....

be alert to special problems with verbs

the new aircraft is being sent to a mockumentary
due to fierce opposition and also
overpaid talk show hosts

(no loyalty was shown by the dog to his owner)

odd indecisions where they proudly wear
 their elders’ scars,
soft-pedaling down the
flip track nonsense gliding
over the almost visible
initial public offing

hit men moving thru yr hesitations
like estuaries

adjectives can be coordinate
if they’re scrambled
or the gas tank exploded

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